Smart Home Products that Save you Money

Smart homes are steadily becoming the norm. Long gone are the days when we had to do everything manually by hand. Forget about standing up to turn the TV on – you can use a remote control! Tired of walking to the thermostat to put the heating on? Use a smartphone app and do it from your sofa! The way we operate our homes is changing. Smart home products are becoming more advanced and can help us in numerous ways. Moreover, they can also help us save money! In the list below, we have compiled several smart home products that can save you money:

1. WaterHawk showerhead

Water bills can soon pile up. Why not reduce your consumption by installing a WaterHawk showerhead? This low-flow attachment helps monitor your water usage and also tells you the current water temperature.

2. Nest Learning Thermostat

This thermostat learns your common heating patterns. Once learnt, it then adjusts your heating plan to mimic these patterns and provide you with a more efficient heating system.

3. Samsung WW9000 Washing Machine

Washing machines are another source of power and water consumption. The amazing Samsung WW9000 uses eco bubble technology which helps reduce the amount of hot water required to clean your clothes.

4. Samsung 2015 LED Smart TV

Samsung are right up there in the smart product market. Their 2015 model LED Smart TV was rated as the most energy efficient TV available. Today they continue this trend with money-saving models that consume low amounts of energy.

5. Lifx Color LED Bulbs

Light bulbs can use so much energy – especially if you are using old halogen bulbs. Lifx color LED bulbs are both attractive and cost-effective. They help reduce your energy usage, and also light up your home with a variety of colors.

These are just a small sample of the different smart home products available. You can transform your home and help reduce your monthly bills by a decent margin – simply purchase a variety of smart home products and start saving!

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