IPhone XS Max Review

If you thought the iPhone XS was big enough, check out the iPhone XS Max! This is the latest release in the iPhone X range and is comparable to the size of a Galaxy Note smartphone – it really is a beast! In this review we look at the iPhone XS Max and how it performs:


In terms of design, the XS max is essentially a bigger version of the XS. It looks fantastic and feels well built. The screen resolution is 2688×1242 pixels at 458ppi which equates to a 6.5” diagonal length.


This smartphone has exceptional performance. It is fast and can load apps in an instant. It just feels beefy and full of power! You can use practically any app without any noticeable dip in performance.

Battery Power

Apple state that the iPhone XS max has a battery power that lasts up to 90 minutes longer than the standard iPhone X. You will only run your battery down if you are continually playing processor-intense games or using your phone as a mobile hotspot.


The camera is fantastic. It has a resolution of 12MP and can operate at an aperture as high as f/1.8 – this is superb for close-up photos. It has numerous auto functions and can balance photos perfectly – even in bright sunlight.


This is one of the main letdowns of the iPhone XS Max – it is NOT cheap. Depending on the specifications, you are looking at a minimum of $999.00. For higher end models with greater storage, you could pay as much as $1499.00 – you could buy a high end touchscreen laptop for the same amount!

As you can see the iPhone XS Max has a great deal of potential. If you crave that extra screen size and large display then this phone is perfect for you!

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