What are the most commonly used Porn Apps?

If you are tired of searching through page after page on Google for quality porn then help is at hand! Long gone are the days where you had to try out different websites only to find out that they were scams or contained no decent porn at all!

Finding porn could not be easier online today. Smartphones are like the bible for porn. No more laptops or desktop pcs – you can simply open your smartphone and download a porn app. Porn apps are the future! Porn apps bring you as much porn as your smartphone can cope with (and as much bandwidth as your mobile plan will allow!).

They are convenient, easy to use, and highly accessible. With smartphones such as the iPhone X and Samsung S9 watching porn is fantastic! You can take your smartphone wherever you want and watch the dirties to your hearts content! The following are 6 commonly used porn apps for your enjoyment:


Youporn is a big name in the porn app industry. This mobile app brings you free HD video porn directly to your smartphone. Youporn has recently enjoyed an upgrade which has reduced the number of adds displayed, and improved the filter search system. The catalogue is huge and it is free which the most important thing is! There is a premium version for those dedicated porn lovers.

Porn Time

It’s porn time guys! Porn Time has a host of full movies for your enjoyment. That’s the only problem though – sometimes you just want to get down to the nitty gritty – it doesn’t feature any short clips or images. This app is free, and its movie filters allow you to browse quickly. If you enjoy watching a full length porn flick then this app is for you!


PornHub is one of the giants in the industry. The PornHub app essentially gives you the browser experience without having to clear your browser history and remove all those annoying pop-up ads! The PornHub app experience is fantastic and it’s totally free which is also a big plus!

Perfect Girls

The Perfect Girls app claims to have over 100,000 videos available – we are sure this is true, but sadly we can’t devote the time to find out! This is one of the best free apps available and features some straightforward category filters. You can also change the app icon to something more discrete!

Planet Pron

If you want privacy then Planet Pron is a great choice. This app allows you to use a dummy icon to start with. Moreover it allows fingerprint or PIN code security. With over 200,000 videos, you will certainly be spoilt for choice!

Porn XO

If you have poor internet speeds then Porn XO is a great choice! This app features a low-bandwidth version of the app which gives you porn even on the slowest connections!

If you are tired of watching porn on your laptop then why not try out one of these epic porn apps today! We guarantee it will change your porn experience for the better!

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